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This site was created as a central resource for the Okanagan racing sailor. It is a continuation of Marc Noel’s OKSailing website that kept Okanagan’s racing sailors up to date on racing results, best practices, regattas, weather and videos about everything to do with sailing in the Okanagan. Marc’s videos will be posted on this site on the video-media page and can also be seen on the Okanagan Sailing YouTube page. Okanagan Lake has seven yacht clubs and three sailing associations and there are weekly races and regattas at most of them. Sailors will continue to update this site to keep Okanagan sailors and visiting sailors up on what’s happening in the valley.

Covid 19 and Sailing in the Okanagan

What a long wait and finally we’re open for racing again! Sailing was a welcome activity for many during Covid but racing was mostly off limits until now. Several yacht clubs started their weekly racing early in the season. The start was patchy with crew including only people in your immediate bubble, leaving many short handed. Most club facilities were still in lockdown too so the essential gabbing around food and beverages was out.

Since June 15th BC’s restrictions have opened up to include outdoor gatherings of up to 50 people and restaurants can re-open so sailors were ready and are back racing! For useful and fun updates by sailors ‘like’ our Okanagan Sailing Facebook page  or if you are involved in sailing ask to join our Okanagan Sailing Facebook group.

See you on the water!

Okanagan’s Sailing Associations

Okanagan Lake has 3 sailing associations: North Okanagan Sailing Association (NOSA), Central Okanagan Sailing Association (COSA) and South Okanagan Sailing Association (SOSA). All of them teach sailing to children, youth and adults and COSA is one of Canada’s largest sailing schools teaching around 3000 students a year. The sailing associations have been running races and regattas since the 1950’s and offer many other water activities such as boat rentals, windsurfing, kayaking and SUPs.

Okanagan Women’s Sailing

Okanagan women race sailboats at yearly Women’s Racing Series held at the Kelowna and Vernon yacht clubs between May and July. After the racing series is over, the annual Okanagan Women’s Regatta (OWR) is held on the first weekend in July. The OWR has been at the Kelowna Yacht Club, The Vernon Yacht Club and will be held at the West Kelowna Yacht Club, July 10th – 12th, in 2020! The women’s series and regatta has 2 fleets, coached and non coached. For info on women’s sailing and the Okanagan Women’s Regatta visit the Okanagan Women’s Sailing page.

Okanagan women began racing in 2007 when the Women’s National Championships came to Kelowna. Many local women raced in the 2007 championship and in 2015 the Women’s Nationals came back to Kelowna Yacht Club resulting in local teams winning first and second place! At the 72nd Commodore’s Cup Regatta in 2018 was the first year a women’s team won!…more here

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Adaptive Sailing Association of Kelowna

The Adaptive Sailing Association of Kelowna is a non-profit organization which introduces people with disabilities and age related issues to the joys of sailing on our beautiful Okanagan Lake. Their Okanagan branch has been running since 1993. KYC’s Commodore’s Cup Regatta raises funds for the Adaptive Sailing program run out of the Kelowna Yacht Club.

In the fall of 2017 the Mobility Cup Championship was held at the Kelowna Yacht Club for the first time. Mobility Cup is a “regatta of possibility” where personal, social, geographic, technological and organizational barriers are challenged in the spirit of friendly competition.  It is international in scope, inviting people from around the globe to participate, for the purpose of excellence, discovery and learning.

Marc Noel Video Production

The 2018 Okanagan Sail Week video is by Marc Noel, videographer for Okanagan Regattas including the 2015 Women’s Nationals and the 2016 Canadian Melges 24 National Championships. Marc is the founder of Okanagan Sailing, an online media collective, and he is one of the originators of Okanagan Sail Week. His past website OK Sailing was the hub for all sailing events in the Okanagan for the past 9 years and he will be one of several updating this site.  Marc videos are on the Video & Media Page 

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