Marc Noel – Okanagan Sail Week Videographer

Marc Noel is a passionate sailor and racer of a top of the line Melges 24 racing sailboat. He founded OKSailing 7 years ago with the express purpose of getting more people excited about sailing and help all Okanagan sailors stay up to date with sailing events on our lake. Marc has videoed the 2015 Canadian Melges 24 National Championship and the 2016  North American Championship in Lake Geneva, US with his drone footage and racers’ interviews being some of the highlights of those events. To see some of Marc’s work go to the Okanagan Sailing YouTube page, the Canadian Melges 24 Class Association YouTube page!

In his own words:

I created OKSailing in January 2010 to fill a big hole that existed in our sailing community.  Although there were a ton of exciting sailing related activities that existed, they were widely scattered and poorly covered.  Unless you participated in the actual event, it was almost impossible to get any stories/pictures/details about what happened.  I wanted to create a central point for all things sailing in the Okanagan.

We have come a long way since then with the mainstream acceptance of social media such as Facebook.  We currently have a very active Facebook group and page under Okanagan Sailing.  This has proven very useful to help distribute sailing related information throughout our community and help broaden the reach of our sport beyond our local waters.  James Anderson has also been instrumental in furthering our ability to reach our membership through the creating of his “Sailors Master Email List”.   The next evolution of this idea is currently being implemented by our own Pamela Miller.  She has created a fine new website and will be providing a refresh to which continues to act as a portal for relevant information.

We have a very involved and dedicated sailing community, one that I am proud to be part of.  I look forward to playing my part in helping offer continuing coverage of our chosen sport for many years to come.  See you on the water.

Marc Noel